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3D Signage Fabricator Job in Dubai
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3D Signage Fabricator Job in Dubai

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Company: Deow International
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Salary: 2500 - 3000 AED/month
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Posted Date: 19th Apr 2022
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Job Expires on 21st May 2022
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Employment type: Fulltime
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Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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How to apply for this job

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To apply for this job, click on the apply button given below. To learn more about how to apply for this job, watch this video!


Job Description

Candidates must be having experience in Steel Fabrication Designing with minimum of 2 years of experience

How many openings are there?

There are 3 openings for this position.

How much salary can you expect?

You can expect a minimum salary of AED 2500 and can go up to AED 3000. The salary offered will depend on your skills and experience.

How much experience is required for this job?

The candidate needs to have at least 2 - 3 year(s) of experience working in a similar position.

Who can apply for this job?

Both male and female candidates can apply for this job.

Which nationality candidates can apply for this job?

Any candidate of any nationality is eligible to apply.

Which licenses are required to apply for this job?

No licenses are required to apply for this job.

Is a CV required?

Yes, a CV is mandatory.

What is the preferred visa status for this job?

Candidates do not need a visa to apply for this job.

Is Video Intro required?

No, a video intro is not required.

Is it a work from home job or work from office job?

It is a work from the office job.

Is accommodation provided by the company?

Yes, the company will provide accommodation to the candidate.

Will food and transportation be provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide food and transportation to the candidate.

Will the company provide free visa to the candidate?

No, the company will not provide a free visa to the candidate.

How can you apply for this job?

You can apply for this job on the Skillbee App with just one click. You will be contacted by HR to schedule your interview.

About the company

Deow International is in search of talented and motivated individuals for the post of 3D Signage Fabricator in their office located in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. They are a HR CONSULTANCY with a team of 11-50 employees working to offer services that ensure the highest standards of quality and perfection.

More about this job

What is a 3D Signage Fabricator?

A 3D Signage Fabricator creates digital signage fabrications for businesses, schools, and other institutions. They use software to create models of signs or graphics that can be imported into a manufacturing program such as CNC machining. This allows the fabrication shop to produce realistic three dimensional objects quickly and efficiently.

What qualifications are required to become a 3D Signage Fabricator?

1. A 3D Signage Fabricator must have experience in 3D printing technology and CAD design software.

2. They must be able to fabricate items using a variety of fabrication techniques, such as laser cutting, milling, or CNC machining.

3. They should have strong math skills and knowledge in mechanical engineering principles, material science theory, electrical engineering concepts, and manufacturing processes.

4. Finally they should have excellent communication and problem-solving abilities so that they can work effectively with teams of engineers and technicians throughout the product development process.

What are the skills required to become a 3D Signage Fabricator?

-Technical Skill: 3D printing technology and design software.

-Skill in Fabrication: Knowledge of various fabrication methods including metal, plastic, fabricating composites etc.

-Knowledge of Signage Systems & Design Guidelines: Familiarity with sign production systems such as CAD/CAM or vinyl cutters and printers as well as signage graphics guidelines is required.

-Creative thinking skills: The ability to think outside the box when it comes to creative ideas for creating designs or improving existing ones is essential for a successful 3D signage fabricator.

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