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Interior Designer Job in Dubai
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Interior Designer Job in Dubai

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Company: Square Yards
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Salary: 10000 - 15000 AED/month
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Posted Date: 27th Jun 2021
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Job Expires on 27th Jul 2021
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Employment type: Fulltime
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Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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How to apply for this job

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Job Description

Analyze and guide space and design planning for implementation of interior design strategies. Manage designers' calendars, arrange stakeholder meetings, and maintain sample libraries. Conduct site visits to ensure standards and schedules are met. Manage schedule, metrics collection, shipping, inventory, and accounting for specified projects. Interact with clients, contractors, and staff to communicate and enforce project goals and deadlines. Outline client design objectives. Conceptualize and sketch design plans. Determine cost of completion and project requirements in the budgeting phase. Set a timeline for the completion of an interior design project. Source materials and products included in plans. Create 'mood boards' to sample your design vision. Utilize computer applications in the design process. Inspect design after completion to determine whether client goals have been met. Interior Designer Requirements: Bachelor's degree in interior design or related field. Portfolio of design work. Project management experience. Experience with computational design. Highly creative, imaginative and artistic. Excellent communication skills, especially in regard to communicating an artistic vision. Proficiency in AutoCAD, Illustrator, SketchUp or similar design software.

How many openings are there?

There are 10 openings for this position.

How much salary can you expect?

Your salary will depend on your skills and experience. You can expect a minimum salary of AED 10000, but you could earn up to AED 15000 if you meet the company's requirements.

How much experience is required for this job?

The candidate needs to have at least 4 - 10 year(s) of experience working in a similar position.

Who can apply for this job?

Only female candidates can apply for this job.

Which nationality candidates can apply for this job?

Only candidates from PAKISTAN, INDIA can apply for this job.

Which licenses are required to apply for this job?

No licenses are required to apply for this job.

Is a CV required?

No, a CV is not mandatory.

What is the preferred visa status for this job?

Candidates do not need a visa to apply for this job.

Is Video Intro required?

No, a video intro is not required.

Is it a work from home job or work from office job?

It is a work from the office job.

Is accommodation provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide accommodation to the candidate.

Will food and transportation be provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide food and transportation to the candidate.

Will the company provide free visa to the candidate?

No, the company will not provide a free visa to the candidate.

How can you apply for this job?

To apply for this job, go to the Skillbee App and click on the listing. From there, you can contact HR to schedule an interview.

About the company

Square Yards is in search of talented and motivated individuals for the post of Interior Designer in their office located in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. They are a DIRECT COMPANY with a team of 1000+ employees working to offer services that ensure the highest standards of quality and perfection.

More about this job

What is a Interior Designer?

A Interior Designer is responsible for the design and layout of a room or space in a house, office building, hotel, restaurant etc. They will take into account what the client wants as well as practical considerations like available light and how people will interact with the space. A good Interior Designer should be able to work with clients to come up with ideas that are both unique and functional.

What qualifications are required to become a Interior Designer?

1. A degree in interior design is required.

2. Experience in designing interiors is a plus but not necessary.

3. Knowledge of project management and graphic design software are important skills for this profession.

4. Excellent communication, customer service, problem solving, math and spatial reasoning abilities are essential for success as an Interior Designer .

5.. The ability to think creatively and imaginatively when working with space is also highly sought after by employers

What are the skills required to become a Interior Designer?

1. Strong problem-solving skills - Interior designers must be able to think outside the box and come up with solutions for unique design challenges.

2. Excellent organizational and communication skills - A successful interior designer needs excellent time management abilities as well as a strong ability to communicate ideas effectively both verbally and in writing.

3. Creative instincts - Being an innovative thinker is essential for being a successful interior designer, since trends can change quickly within the industry.

4. Expertise in several design styles/trends - An accomplished interior designer should have proficiency in at least one major design style or trend (elements such as modernism, traditionalism, glamourous vintage etc.) so that they are not limited by any particular genre of design work . 5 . Mastering applicable software programs – In order to create detailed floor plans, renderings and 3D models, many professional designers use specialized software applications which require extensive knowledge of how to use them

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ADONIS CONTRACTING LLC is urgently looking for a talented Interior Designer/Architect. Qualified candidates should have 2+ years of minimum experience in interior-fit out Companies/ projects. Educational background: Degree in Architecture or Interior Designing JOB DESCRIPTION: Kindly submit a portfolio with your Job application Plan, design, and furnish interiors of commercial/retail, residential, or industrial units. Formulate design which is practical, aesthetic, and conducive for intended purposes. Advise client on interior design factors such as space planning, layout and utilization of furnishings or equipment, color coordination, mood boards/ sample approvals etc. Make detailed shop drawings for fit out plans. Render and present design ideas to clients. Proficient in Auto Cad and related software to produce architectural layouts/ designs. Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

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Required a junior interior designer with 1 year experience for our interior fitout division. Experience in Auto cad and 3d max is a must for this position. Candidate to coordinate with the design, sales team, project team and client team for the respective works. Salary is clearly mentioned as 20******0 Aed. candidates who are interested with this salary should apply for this job.

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