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Bike Rider Job in United Arab Emirates for Indians
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Bike Rider Job in United Arab Emirates for Indians

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Company: Jojo International
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Salary: 3500 - 5000 AED/month
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Posted Date: 31st Aug 2022
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Job Expires on 2nd Oct 2022
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Employment type: Fulltime
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Job Location: United Arab Emirates
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How to apply for this job

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To apply for this job, click on the apply button given below. To learn more about how to apply for this job, watch this video!


Job Description

TALABAT DUBAI EMPLOYMENT VISA 🏍️🏍️🏍️🏍️🏍️🏍️ डिलीवरी बॉय के लिए सुनहरा अवसर 2 साल के एंप्लॉयमेंट विजा पर 15 से 20 लाख रुपया कमा सकते हैं आपके सैलरी में कोई कटौती नहीं होगा दूसरी कंपनियों की तरह 🏍️ 3400 AED TO 5000 AED SALARY🏍️ 70,000 to 10,0000 Salary INR COMPANY PROVIDED Dubai License MOL Latter Employment Visa Air Ticket BIKE & SIM FULL UNIFORM KIT. FOOD & ACCOMMODATION BY COMPANY TILL GETTING LICENSE ALL PASSPORTS ACCEPTED | BASIC ENGLISH | 1-YEAR-OLD INDIAN LICENSE.

How many openings are there?

There are 100 openings for this position.

How much salary can I expect?

Salary ranges will depend on your skills and experience. You can expect a starting salary of AED 3500, which could go up to a monthly wage of AED 5000.

Which nationality candidates can apply for this job?

Any candidate of any nationality is eligible to apply.

What will be the interview location?

The interview for this job will be held at Online (Zoom Interview).

Which licenses are required to apply for this job?

No licenses are required to apply for this job.

Is a CV required?

No, a CV is not mandatory.

What is the preferred visa status for this job?

Candidates do not need a visa to apply for this job.

Is Video Intro required?

No, a video intro is not required.

Is it a work from home job or work from office job?

It is a work from the office job.

Is accommodation provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide accommodation to the candidate.

Will food and transportation be provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide food and transportation to the candidate.

Will the company provide free visa to the candidate?

No, the company will not provide a free visa to the candidate.

Can Bike Rider from India apply for this job?

Any candidate from India looking for Bike Rider job in United Arab Emirates can apply for this job. You can download the app and directly apply from it.

How can I apply for this job?

You can apply for this job on the Skillbee App by clicking one button. You can schedule your interview with HR through the app as well.

About the company

JOJO International is in search of talented and motivated individuals for the post of Bike Rider in their office located in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. They are a HR CONSULTANCY that provide excellent services in Human Resources. They have 2-10 employees working to offer services that ensure the highest standards of quality and perfection. I would like to introduce ourselves as Foreign Jobs, We are having a Test & Training Center, the name JOJO INTERNATIONA PVT LTD in India. We have been providing an excellent supply of Manpower Solutions to Organizations Abroad. With expertise gained over 13 years. We can supply all the categories of manpower required for projects such as:- Construction & Maintenance. Electrician Plumber Pipe Fitter Pipe Fabricator All Types of Welders Instrument Technician Instrument Fitter Duct Man + Fabricator Insulator All Types of Drivers Crane Operator Forklift Operator JCB Operator Dozer Operator Loader Operator Porcelain Operator Grader Operator Tower Crane Operator All Types of Engineers Safety Officers Auto Cad Draughtsman (Civil+Mech) Store Keeper Store Manager AC Technician (HVAC) AC Technician (Chiller + Window) Pump Operator Mason Labors Carpenters Shuttering carpenters Security guards Housekeepers Sales Representatives Male Accounting Staff and Admin

More about this job

What is a Bike Rider?

1.A bike rider is someone who uses a bicycle for transportation.

2.Bicycles are versatile and efficient modes of transportation, allowing riders to cover long distances quickly and easily with minimal effort.

3.Bicycle riding can be enjoyable and exhilarating, providing an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors while reducing environmental impact.

4.Many cities have established dedicated bicycle lanes or paths where bicyclists are afforded priority treatment on the roadways, making cycling safer than traditional vehicular traffic habits in most cases..5.- Bike riders must always use caution when biking around busy streets and intersections as they may not see drivers coming from behind

What qualifications are required to become a Bike Rider?

- Ability to ride a bike without training.

- A good sense of balance and agility.

- Patience, stamina, and strength in the arms and legs.

- Good eye coordination and reflexes

What are the skills required to become a Bike Rider?

1. Stamina – It takes a lot of energy to ride a bike for an extended period of time and so people who are good at biking usually have lots of stamina.

2. Strength – Riding a bike requires some strength as you need to be able to hold on tight and steer the bike.

3. Coordination - Cycling is a very coordination-intensive sport, which means that it demands precision in your movements from start to finish.

4. Agility – bikes can move quite quickly, making it important that riders are agile enough not get pulled off their bikes or run into traffic while riding them!

5: Dexterity – Bicycling also involves plenty of dexterity as you need to master how to handle the cycle correctly in order for it not TOO dangerous

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1st Sep 2022

Bike Rider

1800 - 2000 AED/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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ob brief We are looking for a responsible Delivery Bike Rider to distribute products promptly to our customers. You will represent our company in a professional and cost-effective manner to increase our profitability and customer satisfaction. Responsibilities • Deliver customer order food to different addresses and through different routes • Follow routes and time schedule • Load, unload, prepare, inspect and operate a delivery bike • Ask for feedback on provided services and resolve clients’ complaints • Collect payments • Inform customers about new products and services • Complete logs and reports • Follow DOT regulations and safety standards Requirements and skills • Proven working experience as a Delivery Driver • Valid professional driver’s license • Ability to operate forklifts and tractors in a variety of weather and traffic conditions • Excellent organizational and time management skills • Good driving record with no traffic violations • High school degree

1st Sep 2022

Bike Rider

2500 - 3000 AED/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Only candidates should have Dubai Visa and Dubai License Issued 12 hours duty 7.5 per delivery

1st Sep 2022

Bike Rider

1 - 1 AED/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Bike Riders-200, Salary - commission based job 1-3 years of experience in UAE Male Any nationality except Pakistan and Nigeria Visit Visa, Cancelled visa Motor bike license Free visa This job involves service charges from the candidates

31st Aug 2022

Bike Rider

3000 - 5000 AED/month

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location icon

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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 Picking up and delivering various packages to specified locations as per the delivery instructions provided by dispatch staff.  Verifying addresses and locations before each delivery to ensure that there are no errors.  Carefully planning travel routes to ensure that packages are delivered to recipients in a timely manner.  Securing packages to prevent damage during transit.  Obtaining recipients’ signatures upon completion of each delivery to confirm receipt of the correct items.  Collecting payments as required and ensuring that the correct amounts have been received.  Maintaining an accurate record of all packages delivered to recipients.  Regularly communicating with dispatch staff to provide delivery updates and receive instructions for new deliveries.

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