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Camp Boss Job in Dubai for Indians
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Camp Boss Job in Dubai for Indians

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Company: Bin Shabib Group Of Companies
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Salary: 2000 - 3000 AED/month
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Posted Date: 14th Sep 2022
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Job Expires on 14th Oct 2022
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Employment type: Fulltime
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Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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How to apply for this job

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To apply for this job, click on the apply button given below. To learn more about how to apply for this job, watch this video!

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Job Description

URGENT HIRING looking for Senior Camp boss for a group of companies Job Responsibilities: - Ensure discipline in the camp and follow company/camp policies. - Report workers staying in the camp/not reporting to duty on a daily basis to HR/Admin along with the valid reason for each case. - Daily camp checking, staff total details, daily reports & monthly reports sent to HR/Admin Department. manages transportation of company - Handle all locations of rooms for new coming/vacating staff. - Keeping an updated record of all labour staying in accommodation. - Responsible for the clearance of sewage water and garbage disposals. - Handle immediate first aid and inform HSE/doctor in case of emergency. - Report accidents/incidents of staff to HR/Admin Department for necessary immediate action. - Ensures timely ordering and maintenance of inventory of all camp supplies, tools, and equipment necessary for the maintenance and operation of the camp facilities- Coordination with HR Admin Dept. for new arrivals/departures, distribution of company letters, Emirates ID and Medical schedule, etc. - Supervision for Housekeeping (cleaning of toilets, corridors, surroundings, etc. -Arrange Pest Control. - Monitor/check the firefighting system. - Arrange payments of utilities Preferred candidate having 4-5 years experience in group of companies

How many openings are there?

This position has 1 opening.

How much salary can I expect?

Your salary will depend on your skills and experience. You can expect a minimum salary of AED 2000, but you could earn up to AED 3000 if you meet the company's requirements.

How much experience is required for this job?

The candidate needs to have 2 - 4 year(s) of experience to apply for this job.

Who can apply for this job?

Both male and female candidates can apply for this job.

Which nationality candidates can apply for this job?

Any candidate of any nationality is eligible to apply.

Which licenses are required to apply for this job?

No licenses are required to apply for this job.

Is a CV required?

Yes, a CV is mandatory.

What is the preferred visa status for this job?

Candidates do not need a visa to apply for this job.

Is Video Intro required?

No, a video intro is not required.

Is it a work from home job or work from office job?

It is a work from the office job.

Is accommodation provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide accommodation to the candidate.

Will food and transportation be provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide food and transportation to the candidate.

Will the company provide free visa to the candidate?

No, the company will not provide a free visa to the candidate.

How can I apply for this job?

You can apply for this job on the Skillbee App with just one click. You will be contacted by HR to schedule your interview.

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About the company

Bin Shabib Group Of Companies is in search of talented and motivated individuals for the post of Camp Boss in their office located in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. They are a DIRECT COMPANY with a team of 1000+ employees working to offer services that ensure the highest standards of quality and perfection.

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More about this job

What is a Camp Boss?

A Camp Boss is a person in charge of organizing and running a camp. They are responsible for making sure that the camp runs smoothly, provides adequate resources, and accommodates all participants.

What qualifications are required to become a Camp Boss?

1. Experience with camping and/or leadership roles.

2. Ability to lead a team of campers in responsible activities while ensuring everyone has fun.

3. Excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills are essential for the role.

4 Being able to work independently as well as collaboratively is also important when it comes to being a Camp Boss!

5 An understanding of safety issues relevant to campsites is necessary so that risks can be managed properly

What are the skills required to become a Camp Boss?

1. Leadership and organizational skills

2. Knowledge of camping equipment and procedures

3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills

4. Adaptability to change – essential for a camp boss who must manage different groups with differing levels of experience, knowledge, and expectations

5. Proven ability to work independently as well as lead teams

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21st Aug 2022

Camp Boss

1000 - 20000 AED/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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1. Health insurance will be provided by company. 2. Every completed 2 years company will provide Air ticket.

29th Jul 2022

Camp Boss

1300 - 2000 AED/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Key Result Areas: 1. Manage labor accommodation which involves cleaning, maintenance occupancy in the camp, safety & security. 2. Responsible for the clearance of sewage water and garbage disposals. 3. Knowledge of Dubai Municipality rules and regulations and Maintaining discipline in camp 4. Fill and keep a record of administrative forms in accordance with the Company rule – Moving in -out -key handover -maintenance record, etc. 5. Responsible for keeping the track of water, electricity, and gas meter reading. 6. Responsible for the effective cleaning of the camp and all its corresponding areas, the dining, washrooms, kitchen, etc. 7. Manages and coordinates maintenance and repairs on camp facilities including plumbing, painting, carpentry, cleaning, and electrical duties. Knowledge, Skills, and Experience: • Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems • Good communication skills in English. • Ability to multitask and prioritize. • Prioritization, coordination, follow-up skills.

21st Jul 2022

Camp Boss

2500 - 3000 AED/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Responsible for the overall building & camp management and maintenance. Key Responsibilities: Manages and coordinates maintenance, repairs on camp facilities including but not limited to, plumbing, painting, carpentry, cleaning, and electrical, HVAC etc. Supervises janitorial staff to ensure and maintain cleanliness at all times. Assumes responsibility for checking in and out camp grounds and non-camp groups and maintenance records. Inspects all camp facilities and reports to relevant personnel. Supervises camp residents to ensure that they do not violate any regulations of DM and DCD. Supervises and co ordinates with contractors and service providers to ensure that all services ( Sewerage collection, garbage disposal, Fire Safety maintenance, Water Tank Cleaning, Pest Control, etc.) are provided in a timely manner and as per requirements. Co ordinates with DM, DCD inspectors during inspections. Ensures that the camps are maintained at all times as per DM and DCD requirements and regulations. Shall be held responsible in case fines are imposed by the authorities for negligence of any duties that fall under his job description. Assumes responsibility for maintaining standard first aid supplies. Assumes responsibility for weekly camp attendance summary, financial records and other required reports. Assumes responsibility for security of camp facilities. Assumes responsibility for inventory and requisition of equipment and supplies in co ordination with the head office. Required Education, Skills and Qualifications Skills & Special Requirements: Considerable knowledge of cleaning, mechanical, carpentry, building construction, and electrical skills. Ability to impose strict discipline and control over the cleaners and room occupants. Ability to deal with people from multi-cultural backgrounds. Ability to read and write English. MS Office skills also required

20th Jun 2022

Camp Boss

2000 - 4000 AED/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Required a experienced Camp Boss Assistance who is readily available to join immediately.

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