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Network Cable Technician Job in Saudi Arabia for Indians
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Network Cable Technician Job in Saudi Arabia for Indians

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Company: Roots Recruitment Services
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Salary: 2500 - 3000 SAR/month
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Posted Date: 27th Jun 2022
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Job Expires on 27th Jul 2022
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Employment type: Fulltime
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Job Location: Saudi Arabia
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How to apply for this job

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To apply for this job, click on the apply button given below. To learn more about how to apply for this job, watch this video!


Job Description

CV SHORTLISTING IN PROGRESS.... only short listed candidates will be allowed in final interview

How many openings are there?

There are 10 openings for this position.

How much salary can I expect?

You can expect a minimum salary of SAR 2500 and can go up to SAR 3000. The salary offered will depend on your skills and experience.

How much experience is required for this job?

The candidate needs to have 5 - 10 year(s) of experience to apply for this job.

Which nationality candidates can apply for this job?

Any candidate of any nationality is eligible to apply.

What will be the interview location?

The interview for this job will be held online. All candidates living in India can attend.

Which licenses are required to apply for this job?

No licenses are required to apply for this job.

Is a CV required?

Yes, a CV is mandatory.

What is the preferred visa status for this job?

Candidates do not need a visa to apply for this job.

Is Video Intro required?

No, a video intro is not required.

Is it a work from home job or work from office job?

It is a work from the office job.

Is accommodation provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide accommodation to the candidate.

Will food and transportation be provided by the company?

No, the company will not provide food and transportation to the candidate.

Will the company provide free visa to the candidate?

No, the company will not provide a free visa to the candidate.

Can Network Cable Technician from India apply for this job?

Any candidate from India looking for Network Cable Technician job in Saudi Arabia can apply for this job. You can download the app and directly apply from it.

How can I apply for this job?

To apply for this job, go to the Skillbee App and click on the listing. From there, you can contact HR to schedule an interview.

About the company

Roots Recruitment Services is in search of talented and motivated individuals for the post of Network Cable Technician in their office located in SAUDI ARABIA. They are a DIRECT COMPANY with a team of 2-10 employees working to offer services that ensure the highest standards of quality and perfection.

More about this job

What is a Network Cable Technician?

A Network Cable Technician is a person who installs, repairs and maintains cable networks. They may work for a telecommunications company or an internet service provider (ISP). A typical job duties of a network cable technician include installing cables in homes and businesses, testing the connections, fixing damaged cables and troubleshooting issues with networking devices.

What qualifications are required to become a Network Cable Technician?

1. A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent is required for most entry-level cable technician positions, although some may require an associate's degree in electronics technology/cable television.

2. Cable technicians must have good problem solving and troubleshooting skills as well as knowledge of common cable installation procedures and components. They typically need to be able to read schematics and understand technical manuals.

3. Cable technicians must be comfortable working with computers and use standard software tools such as CAT5e wiring calculators, network analyzers, routers, etc., to diagnose problems on cables or networks).

4.. Many entry-level jobs also include experience installing satellite dishes (although this is not always the case), so possessing basic understanding of geometry principles (lengths, angles) would also be helpful;

5.. Most importantly however - being technically competent in both spoken and written English is essential for many cable technician roles given that networking documentation can frequently be found in a variety of languages including German, Portuguese & Spanish

What are the skills required to become a Network Cable Technician?

1. Knowledge of network cabling requirements and installation techniques

2. Skill in using various diagnostic tools

3. Experience installing, testing and maintaining networking equipment

4. Good problem solving skills

5. Ability to work independently

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