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"Skillbee is set up very well and very user friendly. Quite unique from the other job portals and very convenient even for someone who is a very new to hiring!! I can surely say the website is GREAT, it is easy to follow , convenient because you can pull the information whenever you need to."


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"As a fast growing organisation, hiring sales resources is one of the key challenges I face as a business owner. With a free platform like skillbee, we now have access to many active job seekers in Dubai. Looking forward to hire many more resources through skillbee!"


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"First of all thank you to Mr Bibin to introduce me with Skillbee. Top Hand has had a very good experience with it and got a lot of people to walkin for urgent requirements in cleaner roles. Thanks on behalf of our whole Tophand team!"


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Q. Writing a job description

When writing a job description, it is important to keep in mind the following tips:

- Define the role and responsibilities clearly. A job description should be clear and concise, outlining the main purpose of the role as well as key duties and responsibilities. Avoid using jargon or technical language that may not be understood by all readers.

- Think about who you are targeting. When drafting a job description, think about who you want to attract to apply for the role. Use language that will appeal to your target audience while still accurately representing what the position entails. For example, if you are looking for someone with customer service experience, make sure to mention this in your ad so that those with relevant skills will know to apply. Conversely, if you are hoping to avoid applicants without relevant experience ,you can use phrases such as “entry level” or “no experience necessary” . Just remember that whatever wording you choose must truthfully reflect what type of candidate would actually excel in the role.. Using too much industry specific lingo or setting unrealistic expectations could result in few qualified candidates applying – or even worse – unqualified individuals pretending they have skills they don’t actually possess..

- Outline required qualifications . Be specific about what kind of education , training , certifications or other credentials an ideal candidate should have . This helps set realistic expectations for applicants and also allows you weed out those who do not meet minimum requirements before investing time in reviewing their resumes . For roles where years of experience matter more than formal education , list desired number of years along with any preferred areas OF expertise OR focus within prior roles .. Keep In Mind That The Qualifications You Choose To Highlight Can Help Determine The Type Of Person Who Applies So Make Sure They Match Your Ideal Candidate Profile … If You Include Too Many Must Haves It May Eliminate Some Great Prospects While Adding Unnecessary Restrictions… On The Other Hand Don T Set The Bar Too Low As This Could Attract An influx Of Candidates Who Are Not Actually A Good Fit Lowering Overall Quality … Instead Try To Find A Balance By Listing 3–5 Key Preferred Or Required Qualifications Which Seems Like Enough TO Cover What S Important But Won t dissuade Strong Prospective Employees From Bothering TO Apply 4... Add some personality One way TO help your company stand out among others is BY injecting some personality INTO YOUR JOB descriptions instead OF just listing off a bunch OF dry facts And figures About THE position Consider adding INFORMational tidbits THAT paint A pictureOF life AT your organization AS WELL AS highlighting WHAT makes IT unique specialOR different from similar businesses OUT there 5 Get creative WITH format AND design Another wayTO add some pizzazz into an otherwise blah sounding gig IsBY playing around With formattingAND design incorporating images colorsOR interesting fonts IntoTHE posting itself 6 Edit edit edit Finally BEFORE hitting publish on ANY Job Ad Spend SOME TIME proofreading AND editing FOR grammar spelling punctuation typos etc Small mistakes like these can give potential hires THE wrong impression right OffThe bat Plus no one wantsTo workForA sloppy employer WHO can t even take careOf basic details 7 post Where people WILL see it NowthatYou ve got AN AWESOMEly written eye catchingjobDescriptionIt s TimeTo get SERIOUSAbout WHEREYou re gonna putit BelieveITor NOT butJust because YOU postedYour openingon popularJOB board doesn t mean Anyone Willactually findOr see IT unlessYOU promoteIt accordingly 8follow UpAfterApplicants Submittinga resumeisn tevenHalfThebattle Afterall applicantscan onlydoSOmuch OnceThey VeclickedSENDthe restIs up toyousowhyNot tryto personalize eachAndEvery followup message Sendingatleast ONE individualizedemail percandidate goesALONGway towardsshowingThatyoudo indeedcareaboutWhothepersonisnotjustWhatthey candoforyourcompany Also DONT forget toget backTomessagesleftOn VoicemailsASAP ...

Q. Best ways to hire workers in Klaipėda

1. Look for workers who have experience in the industry you're hiring for. This will give them a better understanding of the job and what is expected of them.

2. Use online platforms to reach a larger pool of potential candidates. This includes job boards, social media, and professional networking sites.

3. Consider using staffing agencies to help with your search. They can provide access to qualified candidates that meet your specific needs and requirements

Q. List of skilled workers difficult to find in Klaipėda


1. Farm workers

2. Manufacturing workers

3. Transportation workers

4. Warehouse and distribution workers

5. Janitorial, custodial, and maintenance staff

Q. Interview tips for employers in Klaipėda

The human resources department plays a vital role in any organization as it is responsible for overseeing the recruitment and selection of employees. The HR team should therefore be well equipped to carry out interviews in order to identify the most suitable candidates for vacant positions. This article provides tips on how HR can conduct an effective interview and make better hiring decisions.

when conducting an interview, HR professionals should:

1. Establish clear objectives - Before starting the interview process, HR should first establish what they are looking to achieve from the exercise. What qualities or skills are they seeking in candidates? What sort of person would fit well into their company culture? By having a clear understanding of their goals, they will be able to ask more targeted questions during the meeting which will enable them to assess whether each applicant possesses the desired attributes.

2. Prepare thoughtful questions - Once they have determined what kind of information they need from applicants,HR representatives can begin preparing meaningful questions that will elicit this feedback . These could include enquiries about past experiences , why individuals want to work for their organization specifically ,or how applicants would deal with hypothetical situations . Behavioural-based questioning is particularly useful as it allows employersto gain insights into an candidate's character and suitability forthe role . However, care must be taken not topose leading or overly difficult queries which might frustrate those being interviewed . 3..Create a welcoming environment - It is important that both parties feel comfortable during aninterview so that honest and open communication can take place... To help putapplicants at ease , interviewersshould greet them warmly upon arrivaland ensurethatthe office spaceis cleanand tidy .. Furthermore,.theyshould avoid crossingtheir arms or legsduring conversationas thiscan come across asshiftyor uninviting., 4 Listen attentively - In additiontopaying attentiontowhat job seekersare saying,,listeningbetween th linesCan also providecluesabouta person'strue intentions oremotions.... For instance,, ifan individual appliesto multiple companies despite expressinga strong interestin just oneof these businesses,,thishypotheticallysuggeststhatthey maybe usingthe othersas back up options only.. 5 Take notes - Althoughitmay seem obvious,- takingnotes duringscreeningcalls helps toresisttheriskof forgettingkey details lateron down theline.,It also allowsyouto referto specificpoints madeby apersonwhen makingyour final decisionregardingwho tomoveonto then next stageof therrecruitmentprocesswith., 6 Follow up after meeting has ended Finallyafterconcludingan interview --whetherthisbeover thee phone orc face-to--face-,employersshould alwayssend along athank younoteto participants..This showcsopportunitiesfor follow upeitherfurtherquestionsortoaddressany issueswhichwere raisedduring themeeting itself

Q. Hire remote employees in Klaipėda

There are a few key things to consider when hiring remote employees in Klaipeda:

1. Define the scope of work and desired skillset - Before starting your search for remote workers, it is important to have a clear idea of what type of work needs to be done and what sort of skillsets you are looking for. This will help you create better job postings and attract more qualified candidates. You can use online resources such as Upwork or Freelancer to post your job listing and specify your requirements.

2. Conduct initial screening interviews - Once you start receiving applications, it is important to conduct initial screening interviews with each candidate in order to get a better sense of their qualifications and fit for the role. During these interviews, be sure to ask about their experience working remotely, why they are interested in the position, and what kind of tools/resources they would need in order to be successful . These questions will help you narrow down your pool of candidates so that you can move on to step 3.

If possible, try conducting these initial screenings over video call (e..g Skype) so that you can also get a feel for their communication style which is important for remote positions . **Conducting Screening Interviews**

*By Phone* – Many employers choose this option because it’s quick & easy but we recommend against doing phone only screens unless absolutely necessary due time constraints . The best way learn about someone is by meeting them face-to-face however if budget doesn’t permit travel then phone screens followed up by video calls should suffice , here are some tips : Use an applicant tracking system (ATS) like Greenhouse ATS software helps automate repetitive tasks during recruiting process including scheduling interviews It also offers features like collaborative notes , red flags etc Utilize conference lines whenever possible instead relying on just cell phones– bad connections happen often causing dropped calls which makes everyone frustrated wasting valuable time Don’t forget test technical equipment ahead time especially if using webcams / laptops microphones – no one wants interviewee scrambling around trying figure out how turn camera while being recorded\n3\. Ask relevant situational questions - In addition asking general interviewing questions related experience motivation etc., make sure include specific situational ones as well For example “Describe instance where utilized teamwork solve problem? Tell me about situation had go above beyond expectations finish project under tight deadline? Describe customer service issue handled successfully ? How do handle difficult conversations with clients\/customers?" Situational questioning allows evaluate abilities think quickly critically under pressure provide tangible examples past successes failures 4\. Check references \& follow\-up after final round meetings After making final decisions extend employment offers reference checks conducted Either give list individuals contact fill out standard form requesting information Alternatively send generic email template request feedback from previous managers colleagues Make take several days weeks hear back from all parties depending number contacts Each case unique based company culture size structure relationships between members management team Employers must decide whether wait until receive responses before moving forward new hire onboarding processes OR continue without taking into account might not ever obtain Some companies prefer push through regardless others require 100% response rate green light given Not every offer accepted Therefore good keep close eye inbox case counteroffer made At point determine worth pursuing further discussion negotiation otherwise rescind altogether Start sooner rather later avoid potential legal issues associated reneging contractual agreements already signed

Q. Hiring employee from overseas in Klaipėda

or more

There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring employees from overseas. First, the employer will need to make sure that the employee has all of the necessary documents and permissions to work in Klaipėda. The employer should also check with local authorities to see if there are any special regulations regarding hiring foreign workers. Additionally, it is important to have a clear understanding of the employment terms and conditions before extending an offer of employment. Finally, once an offer has been made, it is advisable for both parties to sign an employment contract which outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party.

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