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Sound Engineer Jobs in Abu Dhabi

384 Sound Engineer Jobs in Abu Dhabi

5000 AED/month
Sound Engineer
company icon Dhaman Construction
location icon Abu Dhabi
4300 AED/month
Sound Engineer
company icon Kasar Al Dahab General Trading
location icon Abu Dhabi
5300 AED/month
Sound Engineer
company icon Asfandyar Car Towing
location icon Abu Dhabi
5400 AED/month
Sound Engineer
company icon Haleimah Ali Technical Services
location icon Abu Dhabi
4100 AED/month
Sound Engineer
company icon Asfandyar Car Towing
location icon Abu Dhabi
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get a job in Abu Dhabi via Skillbee?
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Which documents are necessary to work in Abu Dhabi?
Q. How to get a job in the Abu Dhabi?

Jobs exist all around this culturally diverse world, yet most jobs in the UAE are found in Abu Dhabi. The average cost of basic items is genuinely costly, particularly in Abu Dhabi, however, you get your money's worth as the way of life here is world-class. To get a job in Abu Dhabi, one must hold a degree or diploma with specialization, and specific training is important. You must have great communication abilities which will help you settle down and get a job in Abu Dhabi easily. It would be better if you know English however in case you can't communicate in English, you must be comfortable with Hindi and Arabic. Talking about work experience, it differs starting with one organization then onto the next. Any job requires a base experience of 2-3 years and a maximum experience of 7-8 years. Aside from this, you must have certain abilities, for example, critical thinking, active listening, decision making, and so forth. These are the things that can assist you with making vital changes in yourself which can assist you with being on the most amazing jobs you could ever ask for in Abu Dhabi. After upskilling yourself, you can go after a professional position on various platforms. In case you are a migrant looking for a job in UAE, you can track down the most recent opening for a professional through Skillbee. Apply Now to the Latest Job Vacancies on the Skillbee App.

Q. What are the required qualifications to get a job in Abu Dhabi?

In case you are searching for jobs in Abu Dhabi, you should know about the qualifications required by organizations extending employment opportunities. There are various standards like age, instructive capabilities, visa type, and so on. As indicated by MoHRE, any outsider who is over the age of 18 can work in the UAE. The base instructive capabilities needed for a professional is a confirmation or degree with a specialization. Discussing the dialects workers should know, English is an absolute necessity as it can assist you with associating with all outsiders and can assist you with establishing better communication. On the off chance that you can't communicate in English, it is advised to know Hindi or Arabic. As per the UAE Government, expats get a work visa from MoHRE. It permits the holder to enter the UAE for work and it is legitimate for a very long time from the date of issue. If you meet the requirements, You can get Best High Salary Jobs in UAE.

Q. What are the different types of licenses required to work in Abu Dhabi?

It might be useful to think about the most common way of acquiring a UAE work permit in three phases: getting an employment entry visa, getting an Emirates ID card (otherwise called a Resident Identity Card), and acquiring a home visa and work license. An entry permit visa in the UAE is alluded to as a pink visa. To start the most common way of getting this grant, the business should apply for visa portion endorsement for the representative. This endorsement will be acquired through the Ministry of Labor (MOL). Then, the business will present a work agreement to the MOL. The imminent worker should sign this agreement. The Ministry should support the work license application prior to giving a business passage visa. With the endorsement and visa, the representative will have two months to enter the UAE. An Emirates ID is needed for the medical screening workers that should apply for a home visa. To apply for an ID, the worker should furnish their entrance visa alongside a unique identification and a duplicate. Representatives should apply face to face at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) focus, where they will give biometrics including fingerprints and a photo. The employee might apply for a work grant after getting a home visa. To get a work grant, the representative will require the entirety of the reports recorded above just as a work license application structure, which should be finished in Arabic, and a business agreement or bid for employment from an organization in Abu Dhabi. The first procedure for the visa is to gather all your documents which have to be submitted by you:

  • Passport size photo and passport copy
  • Emirates ID Card
  • An entry permit from the MoL
  • A medical check-up report
  • A copy of the company card from the employer
  • A copy of the company’s commercial license
Q. What is the work schedule in Abu Dhabi?

The functioning work schedule in Abu Dhabi for the people there is a little different. People need to work from Sunday to Thursday and take just Friday as an off day. In any case, in certain spots, here and there Saturday is additionally an off day. Assuming you need to fill in as an expert in Abu Dhabi then you should adhere to specific standards laid by the UAE Government. As indicated by work law, any person over the age of 18 can work in Abu Dhabi. Talking about the functioning hours, the base working hours will be 8 hours every day and 48 hours every week. The time spent by the specialist from the spot of home to the work environment will not be incorporated inside working hours. No individual is permitted to work over 9 hours every day. Week after week off will be on Friday. The working schedule for Online Jobs is different from the usual. The functioning hours will be diminished by 2 hours in the long stretch of Ramadan. Aside from week after week off, there would be some occasions which would incorporate public day, Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, and Arafat day, and so on. The low maintenance specialist needs to work for the most part 15-25 hours out of each week. The work timings for part-time specialists differ starting with one spot then onto the next.

Q. Which are the highest paying jobs in Abu Dhabi?

The salary changes from one organization to another. Every one of the jobs is paid a very handsome amount in Abu Dhabi. Discussing highest-paying jobs, their salary is as follows (in order).

  • Chief Marketing Manager - The role of the chief marketing manager is to administer the improvement of the planning, followed by the execution of the association's marketing and publicizing. The average salary of a chief marketing manager is about AED 305,000
  • Lawyer/Legal manager - Legal Manager is one of the most pursued positions in Abu Dhabi and a generously compensated one at that. Any entity should have this situation to screen their lawful issues, offer lawful counsel, and inform the workers of their privileges and commitments. Giving and revising the agreements is his/her duty also. The average salary of a legal manager is about AED 303,000.
  • Managing consultant - Management consultants assist associations with taking care of issues, further develop business execution, create value and amplify development. They find answers for business troubles and make ideas for changes to execute. The average salary of a managing consultant is about AED 300,000.
Q. What are the working laws to work in Abu Dhabi?

To work in Abu Dhabi you need to apply for a UAE business visa and a UAE work license. MoHRE issues work licenses for the UAE. Work license when you initially get it will be substantial for 30 days and you can extend it to an additional 30 days. In 60 days, you alongside your boss need to orchestrate a home visa, an Emirates ID, and your work card. A Residence Visa is an unquestionable requirement to remain in the UAE as long as possible. The age for driving is at least 18 years in the UAE. The expats who need to drive in Abu Dhabi should hold either a global driving permit or can move the driving permit obtained by the candidate’s local country. Licenses of the multitude of nations are not qualified to move, not many of them don't. In case that an expat's native nation isn't qualified, he/she should need to go through illustrations and tests and need to apply for another driving permit in Abu Dhabi. There are different driving principles that ought to be trailed by every individual who needs to drive in Abu Dhabi. After securing the required visas, you can apply for all the New Job Vacancies in UAE.

Q. What are the popular localities to work in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is an advanced city with tall buildings, broad avenues, and busy shops. Its main metropolitan regions encompass Abu Dhabi Mall which has become known as the core of the city. Candidates can secure High Salary Fresher Jobs in popular localities. Some of the popular localities to work in Abu Dhabi are as follows:-

  • King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street is the ideal space for organizations searching for a renowned location while Al Tibbiya is located near Shaikh Khalifa Medical City and is a budget choice for organizations needing to move into the city.
  • For law offices and corporate areas, Al Zahiyah is an incredible location. Locations like Al Zahiyah offer organizations a top area downtown.
  • For more settled organizations with a huge budget, Al Khubeirah is a prestigious location, and for new starters and organizations with a lower spending plan, Al Tibbiya is an extraordinary area.
Q. What are the best companies in Abu Dhabi?

Different organizations are viewed as the best places for professionals. Abu Dhabi has heaps of organizations that require a few experts. They recruit experts who dominate in various fields. You can find some of the Best Jobs in Abu Dhabi. The following are a portion of the rumored organizations for professionals. Their administration, work culture, work timings, and so on are portrayed as follows:

  • ADNOC Group - They are one of the world's driving energy makers and an essential catalyst for Abu Dhabi's development and enhancement. They work across the whole hydrocarbon value chain, through an organization of completely incorporated organizations, with interests that start from exploration, creation, stockpiling, refining and dissemination, to the improvement of a wide scope of petrochemical items.
  • Del Monte Foods - Del Monte Foods (U.A.E) FZE is a piece of Fresh Del Monte Produce, one of the world's driving upward incorporated makers, advertisers, and wholesalers of top-notch new cut products of the soil, just as the main maker and merchant of arranged products of the soil, juices, drinks, bites, and pastries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Q. What about Freelance/Part-time jobs in Abu Dhabi?

To function as a freelancer/part-time worker in Abu Dhabi, you'll require a residency visa and UAE freelance permit – which you can get from a free zone. This is a license that permits you to work legitimately in the Emirates as a freelancer, a sole specialist, or a self-employed entity With this site Abu Dhabi residents can now apply online for a permit for Dhs 7,500, which the team says is 70 percent lower than in the past. As per coordinators, it was begun because of the development of the free business economy and expected to empower autonomous experts and business people to begin their professions and take advantage of their abilities and gifts. You’ll need a marketing strategy, passport, and visa. The average salary offered to a freelancer in Abu Dhabi is 11,000 AED, which includes transport, housing, and other allowances. Freelancing is becoming an increasingly attractive way for setting up on your own at a young age.

Q. How to find and apply for jobs in Abu Dhabi?

If you want to work in Abu Dhabi then there are different ways through which you can apply for your favorite jobs. Various agents are available in your native country, they provide you with all the information about where and when you can get your jobs. But the only problem with agents is that they charge a lot in the name of commission which hinders middle-class men from settling in their dream job. Some agents try to fool people by taking their commission charges, assuring that they'll get their jobs soon. The best way to escape from this is to do all the processes on your own without any agents. There are different websites and applications which provide you with information about the job which you select. Skillbee is a platform where they try to connect job seekers with job providers which makes hiring easy for job providers without any commission charges. You can download the Skillbee app from the Google play store. After downloading it, you will have to register yourself in Skillbee with the necessary details and can start applying for jobs free of cost.