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Skillbee is a jobs platform where workers can find their dream jobs without the need to go to any agent or consultant or deposit money to any recruiter. Skillbee is working day and night to cut out the potential for bribes and fees, estimated to measure $10 billion annually for blue-collar workers. Our motive is to help companies in UAE to list their job vacancies for free and get access to a wide range of potential candidates. Not only this but Skillbee is also working to educate the workers to reduce the number of frauds happening to them. There’s a community of workers where they can interact and learn from others and build their network. This is important because usually when workers are migrating to another country, they’re starting over and have left their own network back in their home country. Skillbee team conducts live streams every day in two different languages to help the workers find work opportunities and understand them easily. Currently, Skillbee is helping one million job seekers to connect with more than 30,000 ethical employers providing jobs in Gulf, America, Europe, and Australia.



Build a global opportunity platform for workers and become the largest employment provider in the world

For Job Seekers

50,000+ workers have already found the perfect job on Skillbee and Skillbee is trusted by 1M+ Job Seekers. Download the Skillbee App, apply to the latest jobs in UAE, Europe, Canada, Gulf and take a step toward your golden future.

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For Employers

Our platform is the perfect tool for finding a great hire. To make hiring the best experience of your life, we are connected with 30,000+ companies and helped them find skilled candidates for their organizations.

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