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Jobs in UAE from Jammu and Kashmir

8569 Jobs in UAE from Jammu and Kashmir

There are many jobs in UAE from Jammu and Kashmir. From the government sector to multinational companies, there is a job for everyone who wants it. The country has an excellent infrastructure that supports businesses, making it easy to get hired and start your career.

24th Feb 2024

HVAC Technician

226 INR/month

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Job description Description: Must have good knowledge in all type of AC/DX systems, Packaged Units, FCU, AHU. Knowledgeable in trouble shooting of Chillers. He should have strong knowledge in HVAC Systems, PPM Procedures, Team Leading, Reports and materials requests. Obtaining a previous Competency Certificate is a plus. Qualification: · Minimum 4 years of experience in UAE. · Manual Driving License (Mandatory). · Should have Diploma in relevant position. · Can join immediately. · Visit Visa or Cancelled Visa (Preferred) Must be available in the UAE for face-to-face interview. Salary: TBA If you are not qualified as per the requirements, please don’t apply. Job Type: Full-time

24th Feb 2024

Chiller Technician

226 INR/month

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Job description / Responsibilities: * Perform routine inspections and preventive maintenance on chiller systems. * Diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical, and control system issues in chillers. * Conduct regular performance tests to identify and resolve inefficiencies. * Respond to emergency service calls and provide timely solutions. * Collaborate with other team members and communicate effectively with clients. * Keep accurate records of maintenance activities, including parts inventory and service reports. * Stay informed about industry developments and advancements in chiller technology. Qualifications: * Proven experience as a Chiller Maintenance Technician or a similar role. * Strong knowledge of chiller systems, HVAC principles, and refrigeration cycles. * Familiarity with electrical and control systems associated with chillers. * Ability to read and interpret technical manuals and schematics. * Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. * Strong attention to detail and a commitment to quality workmanship. * Effective communication and interpersonal skills. * Relevant certifications in HVAC or refrigeration will be a plus. * Should have valid UAE driving license Educational Qualification: * High school diploma or equivalent. * Technical degree or certification in HVAC or refrigeration is preferred. * Visit Visa, Owned Visa, Cancelled Visa (Preferred) * For Inian Applicants If you are not qualified as per the requirements, please don’t apply.

24th Feb 2024

Marketing Manager

203085 INR/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Tele Marketing, Digital Marketing and Field Marketing executives required who has very good exposure in Sales and Marketing...

23rd Feb 2024

Dot Net Developer Web API

90260 INR/month

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Asp.Net Developer Experience - minimum 2+ years Duration - Full-Time Permanent role Job Location - Dubai Job Description • Must: 2+ years of strong experience in web application development using Asp.Net, .Net Core, C#, Web API, MVC, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. • Must: Applicant should be highly proficient in C#, and .NET Core, HTML, WebApi/Web services focusing on web development. • Must: Strong experience developing/managing REST-based Web Service API(s) • Must: Applicants must have strong SQL experience and be used to dealing with large datasets and/or real-time information. • Experience with Mobile application,SEO & Wordpress are a big advantage.

23rd Feb 2024

Autocad Draftsman

67695 INR/month

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Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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Working hours - 8 am to 6 pm, 6 days a week. Visa will be provided.

23rd Feb 2024

General Electrician

56412 INR/month

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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23rd Feb 2024

Painting Helper

24821 INR/month

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Tadmur Aluminimum, Glass & Decore Cont . LLC

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

description icon

We are urgently looking for painting helper for our interior company located in DIC. Job Responsibilities: - Prepare and clean up your job site. able to do the sanding, taping, and granting associated with painting jobs. Protect furniture, floors, and other pieces of the structure that do not need paint. Remove old paint using a sandblaster or other tools. Requirements: _ Able to work in the factory. Minimum 02 years' experience in the same filed. abele to join immediately. Preferably Visits visa / Cancelled visa holders. Prepare the surface for painting. Assist the painter during the job.

23rd Feb 2024

Civil/Land Surveyor

90260 INR/month

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location icon

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Topographic Survey on sites for find out the volume and area. Boundary marking. Establishing the given planning control points to the proposed locations by using GPS/ Total station equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a job in UAE from India?

What are the working conditions in UAE for Indians?

What are the salaries and benefits for Indian workers in UAE?

What are the rules/labor laws Indians should know?

How to apply for UAE jobs online?

Q. Why join jobs in UAE rather than Jammu and Kashmir?

The main reasons why people choose to join jobs in the UAE rather than Jammu and Kashmir are:

- The cost of living is lower in the UAE, making it a more affordable option for expatriates.

- There is a much higher standard of living available in Dubai and other major cities in the UAE, compared to Jammu and Kashmir. This means that employees can enjoy greater benefits such as healthcare coverage and a comfortable lifestyle.

- The climate in the UAE is very milder than that found in Jammu and Kashmir, which makes it an ideal place to live if you are looking for year round weather conditions.

Q. Where is UAE located?

The United Arab Emirates is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. It occupies an area of about 2,700 square kilometers and has a population of over 5 million people. The UAE's capital city is Abu Dhabi, which lies on what was once known as the Trucial Coast.

Q. When did people start to go to UAE for work?

The modern history of the UAE can be traced back to 1820, when Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum started a small trading post on an island in the Persian Gulf. Over time, Dubai emerged as a commercial and travel hub for traders from all over the region. By 1930, oil had been discovered offshore and development accelerated rapidly; by 1960, Dubai was home to one of the world’s first petroleum refineries. The 1970s saw rapid expansion into new sectors such as tourism and real estate; today it is among the leading global destinations for both luxury goods and leisure activities. With its stable political environment and comprehensive infrastructure (including top-tier healthcare facilities), Emirates has become an attractive option for expatriates looking to relocate or work abroad.

Q. How to get a job in the UAE from Jammu and Kashmir?

1. Look online or contact recruitment agencies in your area to find out about job opportunities in the UAE.

2. Apply for jobs through an agency that specializes in sending candidates to the UAE, such as ManpowerGroup (UAE).

3. Research which companies are hiring and visit their websites to learn more about their businesses and what they look for in employees.

4. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to network with people who work at companies you're interested in, and ask them if there's any way you can interview for a position.

5 . Finally, make sure you have a good resume tailored specifically for the Emirates market and prepare questions specific to working within this country

Q. How to apply for UAE jobs online?

There are a few ways to apply for UAE jobs online. You can use job search engines such as Indeed or Jobvite, and look through the listings of companies looking for employees. You can also sign up with recruitment agencies that specialize in helping expatriates find employment in the UAE. Finally, you can visit specific websites dedicated to recruiting workers from abroad, such as The Emirates Recruitment Network (ERT).

Q. Where to find UAE jobs from Jammu and Kashmir?

There are a number of ways to find UAE jobs from India. One way is to search for job postings on websites like Indeed and the Dubai Jobs Board. Another option is to contact recruitment agencies in India that specialize in finding positions in the UAE. Additionally, many companies based in the UAE also use recruiting firms located outside of India to source candidates for their open vacancies. Finally, some Indians living or working in Emirates also list openings on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter

Q. What is the process of getting a job in the UAE from Jammu and Kashmir?

1. Register with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHR&E).

2. Application process begins by submitting an online application form or through the MOHR&E website.

3. After completing a series of tests, evaluation and interviews, you may be offered conditional employment in one of several government departments or companies operating in the UAE.

4. If accepted into a position, you will then have to obtain Emirates residency visa before beginning your work contract with either governmental organization or private company based out of Dubai/Abu Dhabi region. And finally once all these formalities are completed; enjoy life as an expatriate!

Q. What are the required qualifications for Indians to get a job in UAE?

1. Indians should have a valid visa and passport to be able to work in the UAE.

2. They must have at least an undergraduate degree or its equivalent from a recognized university/institution.

3. They must also be fluent in Arabic, Hindi, and English language which is necessary for most jobs in the Emirates regardless of industry sector involved (i.e., hospitality, retail etc.).

4. Having relevant experience will help as well; however it is not always mandatory for certain positions within companies based on company policy / requirements specific to that particular position being filled (for example some engineering roles may only require GCSEs or A-levels due to licensing regulations).

5.. On top of meeting all required qualifications, candidates are often highly sought after specifically because they possess excellent communication skills - both written and verbal - making them very adaptable and successful in working with different cultures simultaneously

Q. List documents that are necessary for Indians to work in UAE?

-A valid passport

-Work visa

- residence permit

- Emirates ID card (optional)

Q. What are the useful educational degrees you need to have to get a job in UAE?

1. A degree in business or marketing

2. A degree in computer science, information technology, engineering or related fields

3. Experience working with computers and software programs

4. Fluent Arabic speaking ability

5. Strong interpersonal skills

Q. Who is eligible to apply for a job in UAE from Jammu and Kashmir?

If you are a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir, then you are eligible to apply for any job in the UAE. However, before applying, it is important to ensure that your qualifications and experience match those required by the employer. Furthermore, if you have worked or studied in the UAE before, then your application will be easier to process.

Q. What is the age limit for Indians to work in UAE?

The age limit for Indians to work in UAE is 25 years.

Q. How much experience is required for Indians to get a job in UAE?

There is no specific experience requirement for Indians to get a job in the UAE, but many employers prefer candidates who have lived and worked in the country before. As a result, it's usually helpful if applicants can speak some Arabic or English and have basic knowledge of Emirati culture. Additionally, anyone looking to work at an international company should be prepared to show their proficiency in written and spoken language skills as well as business etiquette.

Q. What are the working laws to work in UAE?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the working laws in UAE will vary depending on which province or emirate you are located in and what type of work you are doing. However, some general points to keep in mind when working in UAE include:

1) You should always take legal advice before starting any new job and make sure that your rights and obligations under local law are understood by both you and your employer;

2) It is important to be aware of potential workplace safety risks (for example, proper use of protective clothing/equipment), illegal activities (such as bribery or trafficking), prohibited holidays etc.;

3) The minimum wage varies from emirate to Emirate but usually ranges between AED 350/- ($106.50) per month for manual labourers up to AED 2200/- ($740.00)/month for senior managers/executives;

4) There may also be specific regulatory requirements relating not only with employment contracts but also workers' social security entitlements such as maternity leave, sick leave etc., so it's essential to check these out thoroughly before signing anything;

5) In addition there can often be special restrictions placed on certain nationalities if they hold a visa specifically permitting them entry into the country for business purposes – please consult an immigration lawyer if unsure about whether this applies to you

Q. What are the rules/labor laws Indians should know in UAE?

1. Indians are not allowed to work in the UAE without a valid visa.

2. Indian workers must have their passport with them at all times while working in the UAE, and they should always carry proof of employment such as a payslip or contract.

3. Workers cannot change employers during their stay in the UAE, except for cases where there is an agreement between both parties involved.

4. The minimum wage for Indians working in the UAE is Dh 1,000 (USD 230) per month, which increases by 50% every six months until it reaches Dh 2,500 (USD 525) per month on December 31st 2020 .

5. Any unpaid wages or fines from violations of labor laws can lead to deportation from the country

Q. What are the labor laws for working hours in UAE?

There are no specific labor laws regulating working hours in the UAE, but most companies operate on a 48-hour workweek. Overtime is generally not granted and workers are typically required to receive at least one rest day per week. Paid holidays and vacation time are also standard in the country.

Q. What are the working conditions in UAE for Indians?

There are generally good working conditions for Indian workers in the UAE. The country has a relatively low population density, making it easy to find work and plenty of employers who are willing to take on foreign employees. In addition, many businesses in the Emirates have a strong focus on customer service which makes it an ideal place to work if you value interacting with people from all over the world.

Q. What is the working schedule for workers in UAE?

In the UAE, workers typically have a 9-to-5 work schedule with one or two weekend days off. Some businesses may allow for some overtime, but it is typical to work no more than 40 hours per week. There are also many jobs that do not require a fixed working schedule and employees can be called in as needed.

Q. What is the condition of the working sites in the UAE?

The working sites in the UAE are generally in good condition. The majority of them have been recently renovated, making them both comfortable and safe for workers. There are a few areas that require additional attention, but overall they pose no significant health or safety risks to employees.

Q. What kind of people will you work with within UAE?

The people that I will work with within the UAE are mostly expatriates who have come to live and work in this country. They range from those who have been living here for many years, to those who have just arrived recently. Most of these people are friendly and helpful, although there is always a few exceptions!

Q. How to get a UAE work visa from Jammu and Kashmir?

1. First, find an online service that can help you apply for a visa from India.

2. Next, gather all the necessary documents and submit them to the service provider in order to get your UAE work visa approved.

3. Finally, make sure that you have enough money saved up so that you won’t have any problems when arriving in Dubai or Abu Dhabi on your new job!

Q. What are the documents required for a UAE work permit?

1. A passport valid for at least six months beyond the planned exit date

2. Proof of health insurance

3. A copy of your visa application if applying from a country outside the UAE

4. Two recent photos, one with full face and one without facial hair (taken within 6 months)

5. Completed permit application form

Q. What is the process of getting a freelancer visa in the UAE?

1. Obtain a visa for the country of residence

2. Apply online at the UAE embassy website

3. Provide evidence of sufficient funds and insurance coverage in case you are not paid on time

4. Submit an application form, which will be assessed by consulate officials

5. Remain patient as processing times can vary

Q. What are the benefits for Indian workers in UAE?

1. Indian workers in UAE enjoy a good working conditions and salary, which is above the local average.

2. There are plenty of opportunities to find new jobs if you lose your current one or want to change your career path in UAE.

3. You can stay with your family in Dubai while you work here and also apply for citizenship easily once you have settled down permanently in the country.

4.. The visa process for Indians is much easier than it used to be, making it more comfortable for them to come and work long-term stints abroad like this one on Emirati soil . 5.. India has a strong relationship with both the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as Saudi Arabia - two large Gulf countries that play an important role economically within OPEC – so there’s always potential for further business partnerships between these three nations should they wish too

Q. What is the work difference between UAE and Jammu and Kashmir?

The work difference between UAE and Jammu and Kashmir is that in the UAE, workers are mostly expatriates who come from all over the world while in Jammu and Kashmir, most of the workforce are locals. This means that there is a greater diversity of cultures within workplaces in these two countries. Additionally, wages tend to be higher in Dubai than they are in J&K which may account for some of this discrepancy.

Q. What is the salary difference for jobs in UAE vs Jammu and Kashmir?

The salary difference for jobs in UAE vs Jammu and Kashmir is that the salaries for jobs in UAE are generally higher. Additionally, there may be other benefits associated with working in Dubai (such as a lower cost of living) that make it an attractive option compared to locations such as Jammu and Kashmir.

Q. How much do Indian workers earn in UAE?

Indian workers in the UAE earn an average of Dh2,000 per month. This is lower than what many other GCC countries pay their migrant laborers, but it still offers a decent income for those looking to work in the region. The cost of living is also much lower in the UAE than most places around the world, which can make life somewhat easier for Indian migrants.

Q. Which are the highest paying jobs in UAE for Indians?

The highest paying jobs in UAE for Indians are IT professionals, followed by engineers. These positions offer excellent pay and benefits packages, including generous vacation time and retirement savings plans. In addition to these high-paying professions, other sectors that are popular among Indian nationals include luxury goods sales, finance and business administration roles.

Q. What are the best jobs for Indians in UAE?

There are a number of jobs that Indians can pursue in the UAE, but some of the best options include working as doctors, nurses, and construction workers. Additionally, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals such as engineers and scientists so it is important for those looking to work in these fields to have an advanced degree or equivalent experience.

Q. What are the best jobs in UAE for Indian degree/diploma holders?

1. Teacher: The UAE is a highly sought-after destination for international teachers, with excellent salaries and benefits available. There are many teaching jobs in private schools and universities across the country.

2. IT Professional: With growing demand for skilled professionals in the information technology (IT) sector, there are numerous opportunities for Indian degree/diploma holders to find work as computer technicians, software developers, or system administrators.

3. Marketing Manager: A career in marketing management offers great opportunities to manage a range of projects and develop successful businesses through effective marketing strategies and implementation plans. Various companies throughout the Emirates offer competitive salary packages along with company bonus schemes that can be lucrative incentives for those looking to take on this challenging role professionally。

4 Financial Analyst: As financial analysts continue to play an important role within organizations worldwide, positions requiring certification such as Chartered Accountants (CA), CFA charterholders or Certified Management Accounting Practitioners (CMAPs) are becoming increasingly popular among employers here in Dubai . Moreover , plenty of entry level analyst roles also exist which do not require any formal qualification but rather keen analytical skills. Finally ,if you have completed your bachelor's degree from an accredited university then pursuing a certificate program may provide you with more depth knowledge about specific topics than simply continuing your education at undergraduate level。

5 Medical Doctor : Given that medical services play an essential role within society both locally and overseas it comes as no surprise that healthcare has always been one of the leading sectors benefiting from skilled migrant workers from all over the world。Given India 's renowned medical institutions combined with its population of well qualified doctors、 nurses、 pharmacists etc医生有很多工作可供选择在那里找到 在海外的卫生行业里就是一份好工作咯

Q. What are the best local companies in UAE for Indians to work in?

1. There are many great local companies in the UAE for Indians to work for, including the likes of Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Dubai Duty Free.

2. Indian workers will find plenty of opportunities in construction, hospitality, retail, and other industries across the country.

3. Salaries tend to be very competitive in the UAE compared to other countries in the region; this is especially true for those working in managerial or executive positions.

4 The cost of living can be relatively high in some parts of the UAE but this is offset by tax-free salaries and a generally good standard of living. 5 Finally, it's worth noting that there are now many second-generation Indian expatriates who have made a successful life for themselves here – so you'll definitely feel at home!

Q. What benefit do people get having UAE experience over freshers?

1. UAE experience can give you a leg up in the job market because of the region's high-quality education system and workforce expertise.

2. In most cases, employers are willing to consider workers with UAE experience over freshers as they know that these employees have already been tested in an extremely competitive environment.

3. Some companies may also offer preferential treatment – for example, faster promotion opportunities or flexible working hours – to employees who have UAE experience on their resumes .

4. Finally, having Emirati citizenship can be an advantage if you want to live and work permanently in Dubai or Abu Dhabi (the two biggest cities in the Emirates). This is because many jobs there require residency permits which expats usually receive without much trouble .

5. Overall, obtaining UAE experience is definitely worth your while!

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