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"Skillbee is set up very well and very user friendly. Quite unique from the other job portals and very convenient even for someone who is a very new to hiring!! I can surely say the website is GREAT, it is easy to follow , convenient because you can pull the information whenever you need to."


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"As a fast growing organisation, hiring sales resources is one of the key challenges I face as a business owner. With a free platform like skillbee, we now have access to many active job seekers in Dubai. Looking forward to hire many more resources through skillbee!"


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"First of all thank you to Mr Bibin to introduce me with Skillbee. Top Hand has had a very good experience with it and got a lot of people to walkin for urgent requirements in cleaner roles. Thanks on behalf of our whole Tophand team!"


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Q. Writing a job description

Writing a job description is an important part of the hiring process. A well-written job description can help you attract qualified candidates and select the best person for the job. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a job description:

1. Include Essential Job Functions - Start by including essential functions or duties that are specific to the position. This will give candidates a good idea of what they would be doing on a day-to-day basis if hired for the role. Be as detailed as possible so there is no confusion about expectations.

2. Highlight Key Requirements - In addition to listing essential functions, also highlight key requirements for the position such as education level, years of experience, certifications, etc.. Again, be as specific as possible to ensure you attract qualified candidates . It’s also helpful to include “nice to have” qualifications that could set certain applicants apart from others . For example , “It would be nice if candidate had XYZ software experience but it’s not required . ” Or list out several different requirement options like : Education – Either 4 year degree in field OR 2 year degree with 5+ years relevant work experience; Software Experience – either ABC software OR 123 software …etc… By giving flexibility on requirements , you may open up your applicant pool while still attracting high quality talent .

3\. Use Natural Language - Avoid using jargon or overly technical language in your descriptions . Not everyone reading them will be familiar with industry terms so write plainly and concisely instead Using common language also helps make postings more easily searchable online which could result in more views (and applications!) 4\. Incorporate Your Company's Culture - Candidates want to know what it’s like working at your company so try incorporating some culture into your descriptions whenever possible Mentioning things like core values , team size , remote work options (or lack thereof) dress code ...etc gives readers insight into day-to-day life at your organization 5\. Consider Adding Media - Finally , consider adding videos or images along with written text to really bring descriptions alive and help them stand out among all those other boring black and white block paragraphs everywhere else

Q. Best ways to hire workers in Brod-Posavina

1. Start by identifying the skills and experience that are required for the position.

2. Develop a job posting that accurately reflects the desired qualifications.

3. Use online resources to reach out to potential candidates who fit the bill.

4. Schedule initial interviews to get to know each candidate better and assess their suitability for the role in question. 5- Make sure you conduct reference checks before making your final decision..

Q. List of skilled workers difficult to find in Brod-Posavina

1. Electricians

2. Plumbers

3. HVAC technicians

4. Pipefitters and welders

5. Machine operators

Q. Interview tips for employers in Brod-Posavina

In order to conduct an effective interview, HR should take the following steps:

1. Prepare a list of questions in advance. This will ensure that all relevant topics are covered and that the interviewer stays on track. The questions should be tailored to the specific position being interviewed for.

2. Make sure the candidate is comfortable and relaxed by creating a welcoming environment. Put them at ease with small talk before getting into the meat of the conversation.

3 Pay attention to both what the candidate says and how they say it—their body language, tone of voice, etc.—as this can provide valuable insights into their suitability for the role. For example, if they seem hesitant or nervous when answering certain questions, this could be indicative of lack of experience or confidence in those areas. 4 Take note of any red flags that come up during the course of th einterview so these can be addressed later on . These could include things like evasive answers , inconsistencies between what they’ve said in previous interviews or on their resume , sudden changes in demeanour (e .g., becoming defensive or combative), etc . 5 Ask follow-up question s where necessary to clarify points raised by t hecandidate . 6 Thank th ecandidate f o rth eir time once th einterview is completeand let them know w hen t heycan expect t ohear back from you about next steps

Q. Hire remote employees in Brod-Posavina

or less.

There are many ways to hire remote employees in Brod-Posavina County. The most common way is through online job boards and websites. There are also a number of staffing agencies that specialize in finding remote workers for businesses in Brod-Posavina County.

To post a job on an online job board, you will need to create an account and then follow the instructions on how to post a job. Be sure to include relevant keywords so that your posting appears when people search for jobs in Brod-Posavina County. You will also want to include information about your company culture and what type of person would be a good fit for the position.

When searching for staffing agencies, it is important to find one that specializes in finding remote workers. This will ensure that they have a database of qualified candidates who live outside of the area code where your business is located

Q. Hiring employee from overseas in Brod-Posavina


There are many ways to hire employees from overseas, but the most common and effective method is through online job postings. By posting your job on an international job board or website, you can reach a large pool of potential candidates from all over the world.

When creating your online job posting, be sure to include information about your company and what you do, as well as specific details about the position you’re looking to fill. You should also list any requirements or qualifications that applicants must meet in order for their application to be considered. Finally, provide instructions on how interested candidates can apply for the role (i.e., by emailing their resume and cover letter).

Once applications start rolling in, take some time to review each one carefully before making any decisions – especially if you’re not familiar with the candidate’s country of origin or cultural background. If possible, try to conduct at least one phone or video interview with each shortlisted applicant in order get a better sense of who they are and whether they’d be a good fit for your team before extending an offer of employment

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